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Less one or two.
More like one and done!

Our new state of the art digital imaging process is able to begin the examination with an extremely accurate jumping point for your prescription. There's less guess work and more pinpoint prescriptions. So less work for you and for the doctor!

who has time for that?

Why wait several hours before you’re able to see clearly again? With our Retinal Imaging Machine we don’t have to dilate your eyes anymore. No more paper sunglasses for you.

new to us?
let’s make the 1st visit even easier

At Boreing Vision Clinic, we value your time. In an effort to save you time in our office, you can download and complete our patient form(s) prior to your appointment.


Welcome to Boreing Vision Clinic

At Boreing Vision Clinic, we provide all the optometry services you need to protect the health of your eyes and ensure you enjoy the clearest possible vision. As your Lake Charles eye doctor, Dr. Timothy Boreing has the experience, training and passion to deliver the finest eye care services in the area. We are excited to get to know you and your family, and to provide you with the individualized attention you need to from your eye care team.

We accept regular appointments and eye emergencies. Please give us a call at 337-474-6161 to schedule an appointment!